Human Houses is a “Life-School“, where We will Identify each Individual Person of who they “Are” and what their Daily Needs are. From there We can See Each Person Skills, Talents & Gifts of their Own Learning Process. We will Give, A “Life-Plan“, a “Mission” after our Identification. So Each Individual Person can Receive new skills to their Own Grow & Education of Path. 

After Each Human, have completed their Mission. We will Give them a “Recommendation” Letter. A Working Certification” for their Voluntary Work, they have been Doing & Helped Us with!


One of our Main Focus is Social Care. Where People should Learn to Listen with Compassion. To their own Feelings & their own Needs. But also Learn to Listen, to Understand and to See other Peoples Expression & Perspectives. This is one of the most important Lesson to Learn. Taking Care of other People. To Respect and to Learn to See the Real Person Behind… what the Person Says, Acts & Feels. Learn to Listen with Empathy, Intuition & Understand our Feelings! See other Peoples Needs!

To Understand Both the Non-Verbal & the Verbal language.The non-verbal language such as our Eyes, Body and Face Expression. And often the Non-Verbal Language, Says more about a Person then the Verbal Language. People not Always says what they feel. They often Says what is right to say, regards to the situation of the Circumstances of their Surroundings.

Listening with Fully Attention to other People. It Can make a Huge Difference! A Person will be naturally feel really “Seen“, as the Person Feels that He/Her is on the Inside, and not what the Person Acts and Shows Outside with his/her Clothes. We Believe that our Feelings is a “Natural Part” of Being Human. Because of that, we also have to Learn, Accept and Understand about Our Feelings. So we can Navigate & Balance our Life, and our Coming Future. We Believe in Physical presence, to be in the moment…


Our Goal is that our Guests, Members and Voluntaries, Should Learn and Gain new Skills and Life Experience, from the Base of who the Are, and not from what they Do. We will Inspire each Person to See new Possibilities in Life from our Guests Teachers, Co-Partners and Voluntary Workers. Who share their Knowlege & Wisdom of Life Experience, throw a Mentorship of Learning.

This is one of the First Steps, to Learn to Be an Authentic Person, of Being a True Human Being.

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