Decrease Poor Mental Health

Our society is increased with poor mental health with diseases like depression, anxiety, stress and loneliness.

These diseases are a result of a culture where we strive to be more than we are capable of. We are constantly judging and comparing our-self in a competitive culture that rewards achievements and success. 

Our identity and self-esteem have become reflections of these external markers of achievement.

All humans have pain, all people suffer. That is what makes us human.

No person is more dysfunctional than another. Systems are. Environments are. 

People who have gone through disadvantageous life events like unemployment, sorrow or traumatic events are more likely to develop depression, anxiety, stress, loneliness etc. These diseases can lead to more dysfunction and worsen the affected person’s life situation and the disease itself.

In our drive to live the good life, we typically isolate ourselves from relationships that might nourish us. Intimate and loving relations have become marginalized and have lost value in our very hurried lives.

Increase Self-Value

At Human Houses, we like to think out of the box. Therefore we have chosen to work with the wordplay self-value.

In our modern society, we value many material goods; our houses, our jobs, our bank accounts, but how much do we value immaterial goods, like our true inner self? What if we invested as much in our self, the way that brokers, shareholders and bankers invest in stocks.

If we manage to value ourselves high, we can find the inner peace and strength to form a sustainable, balanced and healthy life.

The sun setting through a dense forest of trees.