We are a global team & organisation dedicated to social integration through physical & online human to human life–sessions, meetings, social activities & global events. Human Houses is a unique global fellowship where we support feelings, as a natural part of our bodies that navigates around every beautiful person. We support self-value, equality & well-being, as a human base for all people & ages!

We share our life experiences through mentorship and honest conversation where there exist no tabus. We believe in open discussions where people can exchange knowledge, life & work experience with each other while receiving inspiration, for your own daily life. We want all to learn to see new possibilities & expand perspectives in life.

“We Believe Sharing is Caring!”

Human Houses offers help for simplicity in life! We want all to find harmony & balance between inner & outer well-being and a stable economic harmonic emotional life.

Our goal is to support & invest in people! We want all to feel emotional & economic stability in an uncertain future.

Our mission is to decrease abuse, anxiety loneliness, depression and isolation. We support a human culture with compassion, empathy & respect!

We believe in equality between genders and a culture, where children are allowed to be children, up to the age of 18.

With no regard are physical, mental, sexual, economic, emotional, non-verbal & verbal abuse, harassment or violence allowed in Human Houses Organisation.

Sofia Wean

Sofia founded Human Houses in 2016 after working as a fashion & lifestyle advisor for 30 years. Since Sofia was 3 years old she has been following her dreams and listening to her inner heart, needs and wishes. She has been dreaming of finding people who shares the same human dreams of a global world of inner peace and the same values of humanity.

Sofia is an idealist and believes in honesty, equality and humanity. Being a global forecaster and trendsetter she gives inspiration to the people around her and the power of global influence.

Read more about Sofia’s history and values here.

Mildrid Kvamsdal
Managing Director

Mildrid, or Mila, is our Norwegian Managing Director. She works with Human Houses interests and global partnerships in Portugal, offering a legal off-grid global community for both locals and ex-pats in a 10-year wholesome environment.

Sarah Zoé Belmajdoub
Branding & Communication Manager

Sarah is a sprouting entrepreneur with a bachelor-degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship from Copenhagen Business Academy. She has been working with sustainable driven companies in fashion and leisure and is determined to create a greener and safer world for everybody. Sarah dreams of a world where everybody can be as they wish and are, with no fear of discrimination, judgment or exploitation, and where humans take responsibility for taking better care of our beautiful planet.

Besides her work, Sarah has been volunteering for social activities for young girls in exposed residential areas in Copenhagen since 2018.


We are always interested in hearing from people from all over the world and getting all the help we can for making our dream come true! Send us a message at if you are interested in joining our movement!