Human Houses is a new Social Welfare Well-Being Organization. Founded by Swedish Sofia Wean. The Organization is focusing on 3 Areas: 1. Invest in People 2. Social Care & 3. Sustainable Living.

We are now in the Upstarts phase and a new start in Portugal. We are Looking for free Globally Voluntary People in All Ages, to our Global Team!

Who wants to Support & Help Us, in the Upstart with and Create a Foundation for a Sustainable Future. We are Looking for People in All Ages, with Big Hearts and Compassion! Who wants to do and make a Difference for other Humans. We are looking for those who speak Portuguese and English. We speak English as our Universal language in our Global Team. We Look for People, who can Support our mini Administration such as Marketing/PR/Social Media/Sales & HR.

We are also Looking for People who are Carpenters and have Craftsmen Skill to Build small Tiny-Houses & Furniture. And People who can Help in Social Care Organization.

As a VOLUNTARY, in HUMAN HOUSES, U will be a part of our Global Team, and Make a Difference in the World! U will Receive increased Self-Value and See new Perspective in Life and Work. U will also receive a HUMAN Certificate from Us, which describe your SKILLS & Talents. Our Goal is to Support & Strength your CV and make it easier for U, to Recieve new Opportunities in Future and See Possibilities in Your Life.

If U are interested to BE VOLUNTARY in HUMAN HOUSES!

Pls Send Us Your CV, to human@humanhouses.org and We Will Get back to U! Book Up an FaceMeeting with U, in the Future.

We Cant Wait, to Meet U!

Your Sincerely

Sofia Wean, Human Houses.