Human Houses for increasing Self-Value!

Human Houses is an organisation working for people to feel appreciated for what they “are”, as human beings, and not for what they “do”, earn, work, own or has been.

We believe that a good healthy and honest inner self will increase inner peace, happiness & joy in our daily surrounding environments.

We hope that people can take personal responsibility and can handle more ups and downs, in their life & future. We believe that increased Self-Value can make more people see possibilities and navigate in life. A balanced inner self strengthens people’s hearts & compassion to be more Human Being.


Human Houses targets all interested citizens of all ages from all social groups.

The initial focus is supporting groups of abused, vulnerable citizens and young insecure people via social care, physical presence and social interaction.

We offer a ‘Safe Harbor’, for a short- & long-term.
Our core competence is developing, facilitating, and inspiring daily social integration, activities, and education to achieve an increased sustainable life.

What is a Safe Harbor?

Human Houses’ Safe Harbor is a physical open space for counteracting the participants’ isolation and lack of self-esteem, enriching them with new thinking. Through social activities, networking, sharing knowledge and experiences, based on current life education with professionals and volunteer mentoring, we believe that we can strengthen people and let them grow in safe surroundings.

We believe that human interactions across differences, through new knowledge and personal tools, leads to increased social potential of each and every individual. It’s about YOU and your basic human rights as a human being in today’s society, facing the challenges of the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution and current geopolitical issues.