Interview with founder Sofia Wean
Interview with founder Sofia Wean

Interview with founder Sofia Wean



Hi Sofia, can you start by introducing yourself?

-” I was born on the 3 February, in 1972. I’m an Aquarius and my element is air. My moon is Virgo and my ascendent is Cancer. I was adopted from Thailand when I was 2 months old. I grew up in a dysfunctional family in Sweden, where my brother and I had to support and take care of ourselves emotionally and physically. At 17, I had lost two families and been to seven schools both in the South & North of Sweden. I had lived on a minimum of twenty-eight addresses. I had my share of drama already.

I began my carrier in an international global company, which helped me to develop my skills and talents to develop global concepts and solutions for people. I worked globally from the beginning, which meant that I learned to forecast global social movements. There were no limits or borders. The only thing that was counted on was how we worked as a global team, with much diversity in religion, experience, and background. But somehow, we could unite cause we all wanted to solve the challenge that we had received!

“Find the best global solution for everyone! Implement the concept on a deadline. Take personal responsibility and lead yourself to be organic.”

That knowledge is the base, for Human Houses; to solve problems and find good solutions with an ageless and timeless approach. We should work as a global team with no regard to gender, religion or nationality.

Which values did you grow up with?

I grew up with Swedish values of christen logic, duty, and shame; if you can’t see, then you can’t believe. It was an environment where manipulation was a common rule and a way for my parents to have control. It was very unhealthy surrounding my brother and me. I would not want my worst enemy to feel and go through this feeling of being neglected during childhood.

My mom was a psychologist who helped people to be climatized back into society and the world of duties after getting out of prison. Her role was to give people a second chance, but that did not include her kids. On the paper and the physical look, we looked like the “perfect” family, where both of my parents, were living in high-society areas.

For many years I had a long inner struggle with myself, which I denied for several years because of my fear of being and feeling rejected as an outcast.

The values I learned as a child, was so far and a big contrast to the life I felt in my body.

The “real” life I saw was like an illusion to me, and it was how most people lived. The world and the surroundings were opposite to what I felt. And at the same time, I could not understand why I was receiving this vision and had all these inner struggles with myself.

What was the biggest turning point in your childhood?

It was when my mother kicked me out at the age of 17 and told me: “no one will believe in you, because you are young with a teenage mind, and who could believe in a young person like you.” She told me that I should have been very grateful to have been under her authority, otherwise I would have died.

Those were the last words she said before she kicked me out in the winter cold into the hard reality, and I lost my second dysfunctional family. Life was not easy! But the funny thing was that I finally could breathe and open for my thought and feelings. In a way I was happy, I was finally free to start following my dreams, my heart and feel free.

I learned that everything has a meaning, even if you do not know why and what!

How are your feelings towards your parents and your past today?

For many years I felt that I was living in a physical and emotional prison. The truth was that my parents were not fitted to be parents. They could not take care of themself and take responsibility for their own needs, wishes, dreams and fears. My parents did not have the balance, strength, and courage to confront their fears and instead, they projected them on us children. They were like martyrs, if they were not happy, no one should be happy. It was like hell for my brother and me growing up and neither of us believed that we would come out of that hell. But luckily, we did and both of us started to learn to see the light in the dark.

“The darkest fears are the enemies in our own thoughts!”

My feelings have over the years gone through major transformations, strength by strength. I have been able to forgive my parents and my past, so I can continue to go further in life and develop balance, strength, harmony, and integrity for my own life!

When did you see yourself taking the first leap of faith in yourself?

When I was 30-years old I jumped out of my ‘perfect’ secure life & moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. from Stockholm, Sweden. I needed to find my true self and seek my inner voice of path and truth!

Then, just after moving, I had a spiritual awakening in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

At that time, I still had a lot of physical struggles and there were many weird things happening to me on that trip. The only thing I wanted was to have a normal vacation with no drama. But there was a lot of drama. As a solution I forced myself to say aloud “my will, is your will”, looking up at the sky. And from that day on I stopped hiding what I had felt. I started to confront all my inner fears, that I still have today, but I said to myself that I am okay as the person I am.

That sounds like a prayer that was heard. Were you intentionally calling for higher powers?

I do admit that I did believe in something bigger than myself. I accepted my inner voice, that day, and that power came from somewhere beyond myself.

Later I actually met a monk, who had studied Buddhism, Islam and Christianity. The old monk told me that my time will come, but I had to hide, grow, and learn until I had become a mature emotional, Being. He told me that I was a newborn baby. I had to practise, learn new skills, and figure out my talents and observe the world. The more I knew, the more I could help.

Regarding religion, I believe in the good! The closest religion for me is unlimited love, energy, will and strong compassion.

In all the darkness of your childhood, which situation did you learn must from?

My parents were the best masters of manipulation. They manipulated themselves, our family, their work and their daily surroundings. I observed that many people could manipulate others easily, and for me, that is pure evil! I never like when people, show me the sides, of greed and ego. It’s a big turn-off for me. When you know and use other people’s weaknesses, for profiting. I told and promised myself when I was a kid that as long as I lived and can stand on my own feet, I will support, protect and help people, with the knowledge, I have received in my life!

Knowledge, loyalty & integrity, never goes out of fashion!