Founder Sofia Wean

A woman who brings depth and beauty to the term simplicity! The Swedish founder Sofia Wean shares her thoughts, dreams and pictures of her life as a modern philosopher. She has expressed her many facets by different occupations; Advisor, Artist, Art-Buyer, Designer, Producer and Entrepreneur!

She is an idealist and believes in honesty, equality and humanity!

Sofia Wean focuses on seeing timeless possibilities in life! Being a global forecaster and trendsetter, she gives inspiration to people and the power of global influence.

Since Sofia was 3-years old she has been following her dreams and listening to her inner thoughts, dreams, needs and wishes. Finding people who share the same human dream of a global world of inner peace and the same human values of humanity were one of her dreams.

My Mum’s 70′ Statement of Humanity in SE. ‘SUMMER 1972’, Falsterbo Beach.


Sofia Wean was adopted from Thailand when she was two months to the South of Sweden. She then grew up in the south of Sweden but moved to Stockholm with her family in her teenage years.

She started working in the fashion industry 30 years ago and has established a deep knowledge of fashion, needs & people. Over the years she has been focusing on ageless clothing, sustainability, timeless shapes & casual-chic designs.

Over the years she has established a global vibrant network allowing her to get an insight into the ever-changing lifestyles & markets. This helps her to forecast trends, find solutions and find new future global perspectives. 

Sofia Wean offers unique personal H2H-life sessions & physical meetings.: “I am”. Sofia helps to understand, find solutions and balance her clients. Her goal is to help clients find inner peace and outer balance in their own daily life. To acknowledge their past, be in the present and envision their new future.

Her key to balance her own life is to take time out and off; spending time alone in isolation, re-charge, re-balance and re-load herself. Like that she can handle stress and daily challenges that can come up. It helps her find balance in her values, to grow and get inspired by new things. Travelling to inspirational countries such as India and Turkey, meeting new people and cultures, enriches Sofia’s worth. Also staying in touch with her family, meeting old and new friends. listening & playing around with new self-expression of who she is, in her heart and as a modern being.

“Sofia’s values are based on tolerance, respect & personal responsibility. She seeks to contribute to sustainable solutions, creativity and development of a healthy joyful culture. A culture that brings people together & ensures children to live in a society based on positive human values!”

The dream of Human Houses has been in Sofia’s heart since she was 3-years old. She dreamt about global social welfare, justice, fairness, honesty, respect and inner peace for everyone! She dreamt of a global social welfare well-being foundation, where people could meet & share their thoughts, work & life experience. A place where there is no difference in titles and wealth. With no judgment and fears. A place to be more socially active, tolerant and present. 

This dream came from observations of inner-war, that Sofia saw everywhere and could not understand. All the anger, sadness, pain, loneliness and social isolation, that she saw wherever her eyes gazed at, made her sad and confused. She saw no harmony or balance. Only illusions and fears. No positive energy, only negative.


“WHO, I’M? = I’M…!”


These are three big human questions, that Human Houses try to help people with and find solutions to. 

One answer is: simplify, your life!