We Believe that Sharing is Caring!



We believe that sharing is caring!

We believe in one open source where people can meet and exchange life experience and knowledge with each other and at the same time learning something new about life, them self and other people. We believe that our feelings are a natural part of being human. And you more we know and understand about our own feelings, you more we can balance and navigate our own future life. Our modern world of today is often about accomplishments, money and time efficency.

Materialism are and still is the new religion since  the last 40 years.  We can now see the negative affects for our human society such as increased stress at work, anxiety and social isolation. the big consequences is that more people can loose their jobs and we can loose a whole new generation of human dreamers.

We Believe in one open Source where People can Meet and Exchange Life Experience and Knowledge with Each Other. At the Same Time Learn & Grow in Life! Learn something new about Life, them Self and other People. We Believe that our Feelings are Good and is a Natural part of Being Human. You more we know, learn and understand about our own Feelings, you more we can Balance and Navigate in our own Future Life. Our Modern World of Today is often about Money, Time, Accomplishments and Efficiency. Materialism are and Still is the new Religion since the 1980’s Yuppie Time! 

We can Now See the Negative effects for our Human Society such as Increased Stress at Work, Anxiety and Social Isolation. The Big Consequences is that more People can loose their jobs and we can loose a whole New Generation of Human Dreamers that We Need!

Human Houses try to Listen to People and Support their Daily Needs in their Life. Human Houses offers Solutions of Simplicity of Finding a Balance in our Life!

Make a Human Impact, in the World!

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