Human Houses Welcomes Donations!

You can Donate, be a Member or a Guest in our Organisation. Regards to donation, it doesn’t have to be Capital. It can also be Voluntary work, give Sustainable Materials, Houses, Properties, Land, Products, Services, Food, Time, Experience & Knowledge! People who wants to Join Us, in our Global Start-Up Journey…

Human Houses Welcomes both Small and Large Donations. Any Donation Human Houses receive, goes directly to our Long-term goals. Our Goal and Vision is to Increase Human Wellbeing and Create Social Projects that can Bring more Empathy, Respect and Tolerance til our Modern Global Society of Today’s crazy World!

Do a Difference, for Another Human Being!

Human House will create their First physical Global Meeting Room in Barreiro, Portugal. Where We can Share our Meeting /Living Room with our Members, Guests and Voluntary worker.  A Safe Emotional Harbor for Guests, Members and Travellers. Where we can Offer our Future Human Well-Being Services, Sustainable Products, Furniture & Share Our Stories…

Our Vision is to create Social Networks and Physical Presence between people throw H2H. We want to Decrease Loneliness and social Isolation for the long run. Get more people Together and be more Present with Each other. Tolerance, Empathy and Feelings are our Lead mark. We Believe that Together as one Human Team, we are Stronger in the coming Future with no regards to Age, Culture, Race, Religion, Sex or Country!



Nordea Bank – Denmark.

Account Number: 2102 4378703641

Dontations from abroad, our bank details are:


IBAN Number: DK2920004378703641

Thank You, for Your Support, to Human Houses!

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