Sneak Peek, from our Reception in Lisboa, Portugal_3 Oct2020

Human Houses, is a Social Welfare Well-Being Organisation. Based in CPH, DK & Barreiro, PTOur 3 Focus: 1.Invest in People. 2. Social Care & 3Sustainable Living. We are a Global Team & Organisation, who Works Dedicated with Social Integration throw Physical & Online H2H LifeSessions & Meetings, Social Activities  & Global Events. In a Unique Global Fellowship. Where We Support Feelings, as a Natural Good Part of Your Body, to  Navigate around your own Beautiful Person. We Support Self-Value, Equality & Well-Being, as a Human Base for People & Ages!

We Share our Life Experience through Mentorship and Honest life Conversation. Where there Exist No Tabus. We Believe in One Open Source. Where People can Exchange Know-Ledge, Life & Work Experience with each Other. At the Same Time Receive Inspiration, in their own Daily Life. Learn to See New Possibilities & Grow Perspectives in Life.

“We Believe Sharing is Caring!”

We have Found the Solution, for the Simplicity, in your Life! Find Harmony & Balance Between your Inner & Outer WellBeing. A Stable Economic Harmonic Emotional Life.

Our Goal is to Support & Invest in People! To Feel Emotional & Economic Stable, in an uncertain Future to Handle Chaos and Life Challenges. See Possibilities in their own Life of Living, in an uncertain Future, of daily Responsibility.

Our Mission is to Decrease Abuse, Anxiety, Loneliness, Depression, Mental Health and Isolation. Support a Human Culture with Compassion, Empathy & Respect!

We Believe in Equality! Between Sex. A Human Culture, where Children are Allowed to Be Children, up to 18. With No Regards to Physical, Mental, Sexual, Economic, Emotional, Non-Verbal &  Verbal Abuse. Harassment or Violence are Not Allowed in Human Houses Organisation.

We Will Report, it to the Police, if any Person, Abuse another Human Being. We Support a Culture with No Regards to Sex, Race, Religion, Color, Country, Culture or Age!